New Screens / Rescreens

Do you have any screens that have seen better days and need a new screening material installed?

We offer:

  • Fiberglass screening in either Gray or Charcoal
  • Aluminum screening
  • A Pet-D-Fence screening which is a very strong material that gaurds against cat scratches and dog clawing.
  • Solar Screening which blocks 79% of the sun’s solar rays to protect your home furnishings and keep heat out in the summer.
  • A variety of different grates which help protect screen damage from pets, children, and adults!
  • We do guards and doggy doors/cat doors.

If you need a new screen frame as well as a new screening material we also offer 4 colors of screen framing to match the color of the existing screen frames in your home.

  • Gloss White
  • Charcoal
  • Dull Chrome
  • Sandstone (a brownish hue)